PokeXplore 1.16.5 Update - Pixelmon 9.0.6 - FULL RESET
Started by Flarkinater

August 6th, 2022 - 12:00 EDT / 16:00 UTC

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PokeXplore is updating to Minecraft 1.16.5 with a full reset, so join us on a new adventure!

Minecraft Version Update

Obviously one of the biggest changes from this update that Minecraft itself is updated. That means we get access to new Ocean and Nether content, along with lots of new blocks!

No Empty Loot Chests

Have you ever gone searching for chest loot on an older server only to find out that most of the chests are already looted? On PokeXplore, all loot chests have items for all players, meaning that no matter when you find one, you're never too late to loot!

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Unique Starter Choices

When you join PokeXplore, you'll be presented with a random selection of 24 starters - this selection is unique to you! And don't worry, if you prefer the original starters, those are still an option too.


Community Involvement

We love receiving suggestions and feedback! This will be extremely important in the near future... Since Pixelmon is in Beta, and many developers haven't updated their plugins yet, most new features will be made in-house by myself and the rest of staff. Your feedback will let us know what to prioritize next!

There are so many ideas we want to add ASAP, whenever plugins get updated or we manage to implement them ourselves. Below are just a few such ideas:

Custom Texture Pokemon

We're adding custom textures to PokeXplore! Check out this awesome OC drawn by our very own mudkipqueen, and brought to life as a Pokemon texture by Aurora_Helgis!


Mathematical Auras

There are benefits to being the only server owner who understands trigonometry :^) Look forward to the return of spectacular Auras, once the plugin is updated.

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Sacrifice Yourself..?

A player suggestion turned into a fan-favorite feature; create a petition to change the weather. Once enough people agree, the weather changes.. but one of you must pay the price by being thrown into the volcano... the Sacrifice mechanic will be back, with more ways to appeal to the Legendary Pokemon that embody the forces of nature.

Returning Players

If you're a returning player with questions about what's happening to your data, see this post for more info.